Flexible Daily adjustment based on weather/ET


I moved to Rachio from Toro Intellisense and the Toro unit would vary the number of minutes run time per zone based on the evapotranspiration for the day. My Rachio, which I love, is on Flex Daily schedule but seems to always water the same number of minutes per zone and we’ve had hot days and cool days and it seems to not make a difference.

Is there something I’m doing wrong or is there another schedule type I should be using? I can’t imagine flex monthly or fixed would accomplish what I’m thinking Rachio should be doing.



What changes, as it waters the same number of minutes per zone as you’ve had hot and cool days, is the frequency of watering. The hot days cause waterings to happen more frequently, the cool days cause watering to happen less frequently.

The end result is a variable amount of water is being put down based on evapotranspiration for the day. That’s what your Toro was doing, but in an opposite manner. Watering every Wednesday, no matter what, but putting down a variable mount of water.

Where I find the Iro is still deficient is it’s adjustment of evapotranspiration as a function of daytime temperature (it’s currently as linear and proportional function) and month of the years (not paid attention to). If this advanced calculation were to be performed, then people like me would not have a season where the right amount is going down for most of the summer, but, during the real hot days, not enough water is applied.

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