FLEX? What are you guys talking about?


Ok I see you all talk about flex schedules… I do not see such option on my schedule. I only see “as needed”, “on an interval”, “specific days”.

Sorry I am a newbie.



Look around for the flex web app. It was here on the handheld, it was cool, and then it left. It’ll be back, and it’s really the most elegant watering solution you’ll find. I’m away from my computer, but look under announcements or flex.


Here you go.



Once you go flex you can’t turn back. Its the best thing.


@LVhome Some more context.

Our next 2.6 software release will re-introduce flex officially.



Ok thanks I checked it out but… The suggested times were way off and I dropped them down to the LOW setting, unfortunately that is not low enough either. The WAN setting allowed me to drop the timing to what I think was appropriate. Maybe I just need to accurately set the size of my zone (currently just using the default numbers) but it would be nice if the flex schedule had the same ability as the WAN schedule to set the time suggestion.


@LVhome It’s not for everyone. Square footage doesn’t affect runtimes, my guess is that it’s your nozzle type.



@LVhome. Taking advantage of added Flex ‘flexibility’ requires digging into all of the settings, or a good deal of them anyway. You need to take the time to read through some of the Rachio articles, etc… If you don’t have the time or inclination then stick with As Needed and you’re still much better off than with a ‘dumb’ controller.

You could always do what I did and start with As Needed as your “live” irrigation solution, then play with Flex on the side as your schedule allows. Just disable As Needed schedules when you’re playing with Flex schedules, instead of deleting them.


Thanks to all of you.
I will play with it when I have time.