Flex Watering Long?


I would like to use the Flex Scheduling. I have a medium sized yard with 8 zones (5 zones lawn and 3 zones shrubs). When I activated the Flex scheduling yesterday it ran the zones for 500 mins, running the lawn zones at almost an hour each with minimal time on the shrub zones. Why did it run the lawn zones for an hour each? It is 45 degrees out. I expect around 20 mins per zone.


With taking a peek at your schedule, flex wants to fill up your bucket so to speak on each zone. I noticed that it isn’t watering again for about a week and a half. If you want to adjust the minutes, you can use the water drops to dial in minutes on the edit screen.

Rather than explaining all of the concepts around flex in detail how to fine tune it, I am going to recommend our new simpler scheduling that we are submitting to the iOS app store today. Will be approved in 7-10 days.

While flex has worked for a lot of our customers and they are extremely happy with it, for other people it can be difficult to adjust.

This combines both the simplicity of our fixed scheduling with the sophistication and efficiency of flex.

Let me know if you have any questions, and have a great day.



you are good franz- thank you very much sir- will give it a shot


Thanks for your patience :sunny:



@ryanjohn04, just for comparison, I set up a test zone in your zip code; configured it with rotor heads and warm season grass; As Needed schedules generated an 18 minute watering duration with an every 4 day watering interval in April.


Thanks emil I think it is working. It added something called a Soak Cycle for my shrubs but looks ok now. Thank you