Flex versus As Needed

OK, I’m totally confused! I have entered all the parameters, root depth, nozzle types, sq. ft., etc. With an As Needed schedule enabled, it wishes to water roughly every four days. With a Flex schedule enabled, nothing is scheduled for the next two weeks and beyond. Why such a drastic disparity? Does Flex factor in the probability of rain, and As Needed does not? Will Flex dynamically adjust and call for watering if no rain occurs in the next few days? There is no doubt the lawn will die if no rain occurs for two weeks, and Flex does not adjust accordingly. After going to the trouble to enter all the variables, measuring area coverages, etc., I really wish to use Flex. This was the primary consideration when selecting Rachio over competitors.

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You’ll be amongst good company

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Curious @jemanner, what happens if you empty out the moisture level in each zone? ( Zone -> Moisture Level Graph -> Adjust -> Empty)

Thanks for the link, After reading a bit, am developing a more positive attitude towards As Needed for those who do not wish to become too involved. This said, Flex is the pinnacle of automated all resources web-driven irrigation. Hope it is not abandoned, but rather built on. I’m sure the marketing team is pushing As Needed, as the product must appeal to the masses, not the geeks like myself.

yo dude, flex was a freaking work of art and science. i exchanged a bunch of messages with franz when i heard flex was going to be changed.

i think i annoyed him with it too, but, only they know how expensive the code will be to maintain with 3 different schedule types. that is less than ideal, plus, they need a bigger market share.

for ppl like us, flex was a boner toner, for everybody else it was a nightmare.

i love my flex, and im already beging to recoil from the idea of flex going away.

but aqua monkey comes off the bench tomorrow so im going to experience it first hand next week.

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