Flex Schedules

Can somebody explain Flex Schedules to me.

Here is what I understand.

  • Will select watering days and times automatically. There is no pre-defined days. (Every 3 days)

times are not automatic (yet) in flex, they will start at your scheduled time but days are flexed.

Okay, can you tell me if zones are automatic or is the whole system is initiated?

Zones are flexed. Sometimes it will run more cycles with more zones or less cycles with less zones. It’s about moisture depletion to determine what is run.

I know @franz said help articles will explain it better and more complete.

yea, i need more fine grained details on a few of the parameters and how they impact tings.

Sorry, we will have full documentation by next week, well before the launch. I know the concept is somewhat confusing, but after documentation should become clear(er)

I’ll post when done.

Here are the stubs.



I currently am using two watering schedules for my grass zones. This is because of watering day restrictions – I can water Monday and Friday. In order to minimize the interval between watering Monday is set to water after 9:00pm and Friday waters after 5:00pm. (There are watering time restrictions as well.)

I read that I can have a zone in only one Flex schedule, so presumably that would be a schedule that starts at one of the above times with watering days restricted to Monday and Friday. There will, then be extra depletion after one of these days (depending on the start time.)

Will a flex schedule make sense under these conditions?

IMHO not really. The software will water on Monday and then even if it doesn’t have to water on Friday, it probably will since it will see the next time it can water is Monday. So, with serious restrictions, flex schedules start to make less sense.

They can still be helpful but less so. Might want to start with one zone and just see how it works :wink: