Flex schedule

Has anyone been using the flex scheduling if so how do they like it and has increased their water bill more than a fix schedule by reading what it does it seems that I could cause your water bill to be a lot higher than if you just had a normal fixed schedule.

My experience from using a flex schedule and data from many other sources and studies, has been a great water use savings. It is important to realize most water budgets are created for a total season and that timing of what water is used is critical. Seasonal use or even monthly use, will show a much better picture than from week to week. Remember aesthetics and plant health are important and more water is required during extreme heat, however much less water is usually required than is used with a conventional controller during cooler temperatures.


Couldn’t have said this better myself @ETIrrigation. All great points.

@Petalas82, just curious, why do you feel that Flex schedules will use more water than Fixed schedules? Perhaps we need to better explain the differences between the two schedule types.

It just seems like I could use more water. I just need to find some good info and a good explanation on it. I am just used to using a flexed schedule that’s all.

With the Flex could the sprinklers come on at any time throughout the day? If so I can’t water my grass from 8am to 8pm so what would I do?

I bought the Iro specifically for the flex scheduling. I’m still new at this, but when you set up the flex schedule, you tell it when it’s okay to water your lawn and it pretty much only waters at that time. It will skip days when your lawns moisture levels are good enough, and it may even increase or decrease duration (I think) but it pretty much always does it at the same time on the days that it waters.

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