Flex Schedule Update

I hope everyone is enjoying the 2.0 release along with new software features.

Flex schedules beta has officially been out for almost one month and we've been reviewing our data along with customer feedback and questions.

We will be implementing a few changes that will impact your flex schedules.

  • Flex schedules are only as good as the data we collect. If an Iro is offline for whatever reason (intermittent WiFi reconnect, WiFi outage, etc.) and the Iro waters we are not capturing those irrigation events. A new firmware release going out this weekend will solve this issue. The irrigation events will be buffered on the device and as soon as the Iro reconnects it will re-play zone irrigation events back to the cloud API.
  • We have optimized our flex schedule zone run time equation. This could impact zone run times anywhere from +10% to +21%. Wednesday, July 22nd at 12:00PM MST (tomorrow) we will be releasing this software. Please review your individual zone run times and feel free to use the water level to modify the re-calculated run times if you feel they need adjustment. We do not plan on making this adjustment again.
  • Water adjustment levels (water drop adjustment bar for each zone) will now properly be in the range of -25%, -50%, 0, +25%, +50%. Currently, the adjustment is not evenly distributed across different levels.
  • Fixed an issue with zone nozzle efficiency incorrectly increasing run time as efficiency goes up. As nozzle efficiency goes up, run times will correctly go down now.
  • If a flex schedule is determined to run, and device is offline, an event will be displayed in schedule activity.

In other news, we are incorporating the web based soil moisture graphs into mobile. This will be finished in the next couple of weeks. This is a screenshot from our iOS simulator.



It’s great to see some quick, agile development based heavily on user feedback. This makes tolerating bugs here and there no big deal. Bravo.


We put energy monitoring units in the field. We learned the same thing. When the unit goes off-line (loses connectivity to the cloud), accumulated values continue to be maintained in the unit. Then when the connection returns, the cloud picks up the updated accumulated values. And thus, loss of communications does not cause data degradation. You’re now doing about the same thing. Your change here to recover watering data after communication to the cloud restoration makes sense.

Best regards,