Flex Schedule Two Zones Scheduled, Only One Watered

Before I went to bed last night, I looked at my schedule to see what was going to be watered. I had two zones that were going to be watered. When I went outside this morning to look at the watering, one zone had not been watered. I looked at the history, which shows only one zone being watered, but looking at the schedule for today, I still shows that the other zone will be watered today at 5am. It is now 8:30am and the zone has not been watered. I can also look at the moisture level for the zone which says it is at capacity, but I assume that’s because it was scheduled to run. I keep refreshing the schedule to see if it will be scheduled for tomorrow, but it keeps coming up to run today at 5am. I am running a flex schedule with smart sense. Any help would greatly appreciated.

What is the zone name in question?

As a side-note, in our 2.5 software release (being submitted to the app store tomorrow) we have a simpler schedule concept called water as needed which I believe will help take away some of the guess work and unpredictability of flex for a lot of users.

Hope this helps.


It was Front Main. I do believe that it has updated now and shows that it is on the schedule for tomorrow. I was just concerned that the app was not updating correctly at the time and this is an area that I had planted new grass seed. I’m excited to see what 2.5 brings and appreciate your quick response. Thanks.


Ya, I hope users like it. We tried to listen as much as possible regarding scheduling and feel this is getting closer to striking the right balance of simplicity with watering efficiency.


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