Flex Schedule Start Times

I realize there is currently not the capability of having multiple or different start times within a single Flex Schedule, but I will put in my request for eventually having such capability. Here’s my situation. My lawn care crew comes at about 8 AM on Wednesdays. I would like to have the capability of not having any irrigation occur while they are here AND/OR starting any irrigation until AFTER they have left, and only on Wednesdays. During the rest of the week, if irrigation occurs during the 8 AM time slot, it’s not a problem. I would imagine I’m not the only person with this situation. Because of my 8 zones with Flex Schedules and Water Sense time outs, a complete schedule of all possible zones watering in one day could take over 5 hours. This plays havoc with creating two separate Flex Schedules for lawn and non-lawn areas - they can overlap creating problems.

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Why not just exclude Wednesday’s? Flex daily will adjust accordingly…

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That’s a good idea, @tmcgahey. Just go in to editing the schedule and choose your days available as M,Tu,Th,F,Sat,Sun.

tmcgahey’s solution works just fine for a flex daily schedule - I do the same thing.

In his case, nothing will happen all Wed. long - midnight to midnight.

Sometimes, during a lengthy dry period, some zones may go more dry than desired. The flex daily schedule will correct for this the next day. With the way flex daily scheduling works today, you would not want to exclude too many days, and, you wouldn’t want to exclude multiple consecutive days.

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