Flex schedule is not taking into account temperature and "cloudiness"?

Looks like flex schedule does not take into account any other weather conditions except precipitation into its evaporation calculation formula. I had widely different wether conditions in the last week ranging from 17C with fully clouded sky to 27 with open sunshine all day long. I can clearly see difference in evaporation on my freshly seeded lawn but Flex schedule always calculates drop in 0.11 in moisture no matter what’s the temperature and exposure to sun in that day. If this is how it really works then this seems to be a widely incorrect way to calculate and keep track of moisture level, I’ve expected much more sophisticated analysis from Flex.

So, do you take into account temperature, wind, sunshine/clouds conditions?

Cloud cover is,difficult, they do get solar radiation values from some weather stations, but I don’t know about yours. Check the weather station you have selected to see what it reports.

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It’d be cool that once Rachio’s integration with smart things is solid, data like luminescence can be used to approximate cloud cover.

@uladz. I’m not sure if cloud cover falls into solar radiation, but this article suggests most of the rest of your expectations should be met: http://support.rachio.com/article/386-flex-schedule

From the article:
"Then based on the weather station that your Iro is utilizing (whether that be an official station or a personal station) we are gathering the following data on a zone by zone basis:

- Evapotranspiration levels
- Precipitation
- Minimum and Maximum Temperature
- Solar Radiation
- Wind
- Relative Humidity"

Check your weather station to see if it’s reporting the information. I know I had to change my station from the default as there was another one nearby that was more accurate.

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I see. I have checked the weather station and it’s getting data from the closest one, seems to be correct. Thanks for the link with details! I hope it does what’s listed in there, if it takes into account all of the listed weather attributes but I did not see much of variation in moisture level based on weather conditions yet. Will keep monitoring, maybe I was too quick with my conclusions yet.

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