Flex schedule - ghost scheduling this morning?

My flex schedule ran yesterday, and looked like it would be scheduled again on Monday. I woke up this morning to see the rachio notification on my phone saying that flex was scheduled again for today. I thought that was strange, so I opened up the app and looked at the calendar and all of the zones… No green drop was on today (6/9), and the next one was still 6/12 (and all zones still showed 6/12).

Looking at the web app, it definitely shows there was a schedule update this morning saying flex would run today at 7:30, but it still didn’t show on today’s schedule.

Any idea why that happened? Is there a ghost in the machine?

Looks like it did run, even though the calendar schedule wasn’t showing it. Ran 10 of my 12 zones for about 2 minutes apiece.

@talz13 Sometimes the calendar takes a bit to update since Flex schedule runs are technically “added” as the system needs it, rather than being on the calendar and being moved? Not sure if that makes sense… I’m thinking the calendar may have been a bit behind and then there’s a chance you didn’t see the drop once it finally updated?