Flex schedule change notifications


It would be great to get push notifications when your flex schedule changes…No way to know without looking at the app now.


Since a flex schedule is just a container for running different zones, that potentially can run on different days, how would you expect this data to be presented?



Great question. Haven’t thought about it yet. I think just a simple “flex schedule updated” notification would be a good start. Next you could think about how to make it richer


I’ve noticed flex schedules can change frequently, based on forecasts I assume. It would be interesting to know how frequently and what events drive updates. But I’d be concerned about the frequency of notifications. I do think an update in the history, especially if a run is cancelled would be helpful.


My Flex schedule last night around 10pm said next watering was to be on 6/24. I woke up this morning to a notification that the watering was completed. How did it change from 10pm to 2am when it starts when there was no change in the weather in that time?


We will be releasing a series of charts in the webapp to see exact moisture levels for each zone which will show how flex schedules is making decisions. This will be released with 2.0.