Flex schedule auto learning

I began using Rachio this Spring and I’m very pleased with it’s many features. We have 16 zones that vary from sunny annual beds to semi -shaded lawn to a shaded tree line. Other than a short use of fixed schedules for a newly seeded lawn I exclusively use flex schedules. I have also connected my controller to my PWS station. Much of the time the Rachio scheduling is ok; however, there have been times when some of the bed’s have become too dry (per my wife). Then I do a quick run for that zone.

I suggest than when I do a quick run for a zone I should have an option for the software to automatically adjust the parameters for that zone --maybe, calculate the difference between the prior values and the needed values and move halfway? Also, each time I do a special run I should have the option to ignore that run in the recalculation because some special runs are to check and/or adjust the system.