Flex only running 8 mins/zone?

First I’d like to say I love my Iro and truly appreciate the support provided in this community.

My question relates to flex schedule durations. When I was using fixed scheduling I was getting a recommended duration of like 50 minutes per zone; however, will flex I am seeing 8. That seems low. Should I trust the flex schedule or would you think there is something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

I answered some of this here

but 8 minutes does seem kind of low. Are you sure that isn’t one cycle? If in doubt, I would contact [support@rachio.com] just to verify that your zone characteristics are setup correctly. It could also be that you have the wrong nozzle chosen…

For reference, I have cool season grass, clay loam, and .7 in/hr impact rotors with a run time of 43 minutes, which I’ve dialed back one water notch to 34 minutes. My cycles are 17 minutes, 30 minute soak, 17 minutes.