Flex issue with same day changes

Found a bug with Flex scheduling. This morning I saw that a flex zone was scheduled to run tomorrow. I thought it should run today so I tweaked the MAD. The zone then reported it would run today; the scheduled time was roughly an hour from this change. At the scheduled start time watering did not start but the everything else updated as if it had. My next watering is now a week away and the moisture graph shows my zone was watered today. The watering history is correct, it does not show an entry for that schedule.

Roughly one hour before the schedule runs the system will determine if any zones in the flex need to be watered. You might have just miss this cut-off.

I believe what you are seeing is still a forecast for watering, and since you just missed the cut-off it thinks that it is watering today. Tonight when UTC rolls to tomorrow, the graph should properly show it watering tomorrow since there will not have been any observed irrigation today since your Iro did not actually water the zone.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, that sounds logical :wink: