Flex floods my drip areas

I just started using the Flex system and today was the first time the drips ran with them. Drips ran for 2 hours, which is not something I ever did before, and there is definite runoff from this. Not sure what I should be doing next. I don’t have a leak in the system because I’ve never had this puddle before with my smaller schedules. I even adjusted my flex for the slope in my front yard yet it still wants to run for 2 hours.

I normally don’t recommend flex for watering drip unless you truly know the precipitation rate coming out of the emitters or drip system. Also, depending on the crop type chosen, flex will want to run considerably longer on trees or shrubs since they normally have a longer root zone depth. The combination of much lower precipitation rates (drip) and long root zone depth will have it watering for quite some time (correctly, for a deep watering). If you know the root zone depth of what you are watering and the exact precipitation rate it will work better. Flex works well for turf type crops with normal spray, rotor nozzles but can falter when dealing with drip and trees/shrubs, etc.

Hope this helps.


I would turn it on and walk around listening for a failed emitter.

Also what is your souls type and vegetation?

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Also what is your median flow on the drip line?

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