Flex day on Rachio 2

We have a Rachio 2 and have been trying the Flex schedule for 6 weeks now,. Saturday we just under 5 inches of rain. The weather station we are linked with also is in agreement with rain amount. Today, 72 hours post 5 inches of rain, our Rachio wants to run for 1 hour and 11 min! Can someone please explain? This seems like a huge waste of water.

What do your zone moisture charts look like for the zones it wants to run?

Soil moisture shows 0% in all zones except the shrubs which are showing 94% moisture.

Is the personal weather station you have selected reporting precipitation?


Yes, I checked and even took a screenshot so I could reference t.

Can you private message me the email address you use for the controller account? Ill have the engineering team review.


I am looking for the private message feature, can’t find it. Please advise.

If you click on my name it will allow you to send a message, not the most intuitive I agree!


@Txgirl It looks like the system properly recorded the precipitation.

The main issue is the advanced zone settings were changed to only allow the bucket size of your zone to be .18 inches, which is really small. You’ll notice that crop evapotranspiration (evaporation of water from your yard) on the 18th was .15 inches which depleted your zone to 0% moisture, due to the bucket size being so small.

Root zone depth for warm season grass defaults at 9 inches, you modified to 4.31 inches and also changed the available water capacity to .08 inches, which is about half of what most soils are.

My recommendation would take two zones (front and back?), reset the defaults on advanced zone settings, let them run in flex daily for a couple weeks, make any fine tuning adjustments (feel free to reach out to this forum), once those are dialed in I would then roll out to the rest of the zones. Maybe put the other zones for now in a flex monthly schedule (after resetting all the zone settings back to default values) which is more forgiving and predictable (you can scroll through the calendar and see the frequency of watering changing each month).

Hope this helps!


Franz- my grass is dying in the front and back yards (zones 2, 3, 5, & 6) These zones get 12 hours of HOT Texas sun with no shade. I am running a Flex Daily and the grass looks bad. I changed the ‘advanced’ settings in the zone back to default per your suggestion and the grass is not good. I have been running the Rachio outside of the schedule and supplementing with an old fashioned garden hose and sprinkler. We need help with ‘dialing’ in the correct settings. I have changed the soil to a Loamy Sand as the 'typical profile ’ for our area per the Soil websites sent to me by Rachio Support. The soil description for our area says:

0-10 inches Loamy fine Sand
10-27 inches loamy fine Sand
27-67 inches sandy clay loam

Based on this, what soil type do I need to select for my Rachio 2?