Flex daily watering duration

I setup a flex daily watering schedule and my total watering time shows 34 mins for 3 zones, 2 of them showing 9 mins and the other showing 15 mins. However when I look at individual days on the watering schedule it shows 2 zones at 10 mins and the 3rd zone at 16 mins. It’s a 1 minute discrepency which isn’t a huge deal but I am curious as to why it’s different.

Rounding. And Franz has said that the internals actually use minutes and seconds, but we only see the minutes in the UI’s.

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It’s a good thing Franz does not program for my bank. I have see discrepancies of up to 7 minutes among various numbers produced by the UI.

Rounding is fine but that doesn’t explain why they are different. Shouldn’t they be rounded to the same minute?

Hey @bighaus90-

Do you mind posting screenshots of where you are seeing these discrepancies?