Flex daily watering after a lot of rain, when another controller 5mi doesn't

Hi Guys, im noticing that my R3 system is watering when we’ve had full days of rain. Have had the system for almost 2yrs (i think). few weeks back i set one up for my sister which exact same setting and soil type but hers doesn’t water on the days we had rain.
We both live in a dense populated county in the tampa bay area 5mi apart from each other.
Adding my moisture info of my system and my sister’s. she is showing a much higher moisture level and her system hasn’t ran since 12/7 due to all the rain we’ve been having. I was running the default weather network just as my sisters. I just went in now and added a single station which is .67mi away from me to see if it makes a difference.
i would have though that the default was better cause it uses a vast network of sats and my home’s location. I manually skipped the next scheduled watering that is supposed to happen tomorrow. we have rain in the forecast again.

If you’re happy with your station selection and you feel your soil is saturated, the Fill feature may be called for (bottom of webpage):

Use the fill or empty with caution and rarely. You can’t undo it & it’ll cause the zone to ignore all evapotranspiration for the day.

thx, i will try that. yesterday was my 1st time looking at a close by weather station. my lawn is looking beautiful.