Flex daily watered even with manual skip set

Rachio 3 set for flex daily schedule. Only have the one profile on my system. Forecast was for rain, so I clicked button on app to skip next watering. I have four zones, zone 4 set for trees. Zones 1-3 did not run, Zone 4 did. Question is why wasn’t zone 4 skipped? Is it because it is set for trees (others for grass).

@ckqualls I believe this was due to how you have flex daily setup only allowing it to water on Tuesday and Saturday. For zone 4 it knew it couldn’t make it to Tuesday without full depletion so it decided to water today. For your other zones they had enough moisture to make it until Tuesday. I know it’s a little counter intuitive but I believe in this case even though you chose to skip the system erred on the side of caution to water. My recommendation with flex daily is to allow it as many days to water as possible or you can get into interesting situations like this where it wants to water since it determines it won’t make it to the next allowable watering period. Setting a rain delay will definitely have the entire system skip the next day. Hope this helps. Here are charts showing why zone 4 watered and the other zone did not.

Only 24% moisture so decided to water.

78% moisture so will make it to Tuesday.


Thank you. Have to limit to two days due to watering restrictions.

Just a heads up…I’m sure you don’t want to hear this, but Flex Daily really struggles to function the way it was intended when so many watering restrictions are placed on it…