Flex Daily Startup

Hello. I am switching from a set cycle from my old Rachio to a Flex Daily schedule [or at least considering it]. I have 2 Rachio’s with about 20 valves total, mostly with drip but 4 zones with grass. I am in Central California and after I setup for flex daily with one of the two Rachio’s, the time came out around 17 hours. I am aware that it states the first watering will be quite long, but really… 17 hours??? I cancelled it but was curious what the run time would be after the first watering. Still having difficulty understanding the difference from flex monthly and flex daily also. Also anything I should watch out for if changing to flex daily for the lawn?

I would start with a couple of grass zones and see how the schedule behaves. If I had to guess I think most of the watering time was your drip system (depending on crop type). With that setup the system will water deeper, but less frequently.

Flex monthly waters at a set interval each month, and the intervals change throughout the year automatically. Flex daily is dynamic every day(!) and will only water when the zone is depleted (based on the moisture graph).

I’d try out a couple of zones first (preferably grass) and get that dialed in before using on the rest of the yard.

Here is some more information condensed with all important flex daily.

Hope this helps!


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Read what Franz listed. It’s very helpful. Flex daily does take a little more study to learn, but it’s worth it. You’ll learn things you never considered before.

Something I do when I set up Flex Daily schedules is go into each zones moisture graph and adjust it to Fill the water level. That way it doesn’t try and play catch up. Then, let the closest Personal Weather Station (PWS) start sending weather data into the schedule as it updates.