Flex Daily schedule not running, converted to fixed and not showing on calendar either

I installed my Gen 2 controller on Aug 27th. I live in Dallas. I set it up initially for flex daily scheduling for all 8 zones, but have not had the time to do a detailed configuration of each zone.

As I am writing this it is Sept 9th and the sprinklers have not run at all in the intervening time and nothing showed in the future. My lawn is starting to dry out significantly in places. Out of concern, I just switched to a fixed interval schedule. The app still shows nothing on the calendar for the next two weeks.

Anyone have any advice on a) why the flex daily never ran despite hot temps and very little precipitation or b) why the fixed interval is not showing up on the calendar? At this point I think I may have to kick off a manual run tonight if the system is not going to run the schedule automatically.

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Seems like maybe some of the zones aren’t enabled or have a bad start date. Would you mind posting some screenshots of your zones and schedules

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Double check to make sure you are not in standby mode. That has happened to several folks.

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I was indeed in standby mode (I think it defaulted to this). I assumed that meant it was just not running. I will setup flexible daily again and go from there. Thanks so much.


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