Flex daily schedule help needed for Texas and warm season grass


I had the team review your account and you are actually using flex daily schedules which don’t use the typical rain skip. Everything is based on the soil moisture levels of your zones. I also had them do a quick spot check and I think some of your settings aren’t optimal. Your chosen soil type is making you water more frequently then I believe needed, and noticed on one of your zones it is a warm season grass with only 6 inch roots (default is 9) which will make it water a lot more frequently. Your bucket “size” is only .24 inches which is really small.

My recommendation is always to start one zone on flex daily, get it dialed in to your liking, and then apply to the others (if it works out for you). It is absolutely the most efficient watering schedule but can take a bit of effort to get setup and working properly. This forum is also a great resource and is usually willing to help people fine tune their schedule with posted screenshots.

Here is a quick resource with more information.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the information. I had changed the root depth because it is St. Augustine grass and I thought the roots were much shallower than 9 in. Is this the correct setting or should I leave it at the default. Also where is the bucket size you are referring to so I can reference it and adjust?

I am wanting to make sure the lawn stays green and healthy as I had some winter die off I am trying to get back green again. I know I can either reseed or wait for the healthy areas to spread to it.

I set the soil type based on a site I found in the forums here to determine your soil type. https://websoilsurvey.sc.egov.usda.gov/App/WebSoilSurvey.aspx

This yielded Silstid loamy fine sand, 1 to 5 percent slopes 0.08 (rating) was the soil type set correctly on the account or did I choose the wrong kind? 83.1 % sand, 9.4% silt, I wanted to get as specific as possible to get the most out of the smart aspects of the system. If I understand right the .08 refers to the AWC. What should I set this to in the app to corespond?

Appreciate the help.