Flex daily runs ONLY in afternoon

Relatively new installation of 16 zone Rachio 3 on flex daily set to end by sunrise, but system always runs in afternoon. History shows that it has NEVER run overnight. I assume something is configured wrong, but I can’t find it. Help?

i set mine to start at midnight, the issue has been well stated. the algorithm does not take into account how many zones are set to run, and subtract from sunrise. it works off the maximum run time for all zones, and always starts at that time. mine was 10pm the day before or so, i set to midnight to start, makes the calendar on my right days, plus its almost always done before dawn.
7 hrs 15 min including soaks is my full run time, if flex daily wanted all zones to water maximum time.

This behavior can happen if you have overlapping schedules. One schedule will push the other one out of the way. Can you post some screenshots of your schedules and run times?

Without looking too deep into your schedules it is probably due to this.

There are a couple workarounds that people have used to get around the issue. We have not had time to dedicate engineering to this issue.

Also, as a new user trying out flex daily I typically recommend starting with one or two zones (front/back?), dialing them in, making sure it is watering appropriately, then rolling out to other zones.

Please let us know if you have additional questions.


Only one schedule entered, all zones flex daily. It should have full autonomy to do what it wants. But it wants to run only in after noon.

JS_racer: Thanks for your response! I finally got response from Rachio who agreed that yours was the best route to continue. Can’t say that I understand the logic of the system, though. I set everything up per Rachio recommendations–even took the quiz as to what kind of schedule was best. Chose every recommended default. But still somehow I am told that my choices led to a schedule that was too long, that if everything tried to run for the maximum amount of time, would take 18 hrs to complete, which blew its mind. Not that anything like that ever tried to occur, as history shows that the combined run time over the last three weeks only totaled 50 hrs. In fact, the last day of watering, the run time of the chosen zones was only 80 minutes, but still it started at noon! In fact, there has never been an attempt to run after sunset.
But apparently, it is not what the cumulative time of what is being calculated as needed that is the problem, but the cumulative time that *could * be needed that blows everything up.
They acted like my large lawn and POSSIBLE watering requirements were somehow my fault, but I contend that there was a reason I bought a sixteen controller!
Anyway, I seem to have a fix and have set to start after sunset, but recent rains have kept system off. It looks it should work, if not I may be back begging for help. Thanks to all that offered their assistance!

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