Flex daily predictive water schedule

Currently our system is set to flex monthly and I’m not noticing any water scheduling adjustments following significant rain showers (1” or more) - do I need to switch to a flex daily schedule to notice any weather plus schedule adjustments?

Additionally, what is the targeted amount of watering per week? I understand this maybe dependent on the geographic area, but does the system show the area target?

@Kiki I have never used Flex Monthly, but have been using Flex Daily and it does take into account the amount of rain, both actual and forecast, and Rachio keeps track of the zone moisture level to determine when to water. It takes a bit more learning to understand how Flex Daily works, and how the parameters affect watering time and frequency. You can start with the default parameters for your soil and grass type, and go from there. There is a nice graph that shows what the moisture level estimates are, and can help you understand what is happening.