Flex Daily Overwatering Certain Zones

Hello everyone I have had my Rachio 3 since December but am having some major over watering issues on certain zones using the flex daily schedule.

Here are some data points:

Area code: 93551
Soil Type: Sandy-Loam (used azdavidr’s guide)
Available Water: 0.13 in/in (used azdavidr’s guide)
Grass type: fescue/bluegrass mix (have root depth at 6")
smart cycle is on and same with all weather intelligence features.

My backyard area has the problematic zones (grass zones) while the front yard (grass zone) looks better than ever with flex daily. The backyard area is excessively flooded with water pooling for hours .

Happy to share my other settings, and do any testing you think my help. I have since moved the problematic zones to a fixed schedule to deal with the over watering. I also saw that the general recommendation is to do flex daily with one zone at a time. Just wondering how to proceed getting the other zones dialed in.

Thanks in advance!

What type of sprinkler nozzles do you have? What do you have the PR of your nozzles set to in Rachio?

15 Series HE-VAN is the majority of what I have.


Only one of the heads is set to 360 Arc the rest are adjusted to anywhere from ~ 90 to 270 degrees.

I took the average GPM which was 3.18. Over 400 sq ft I’m getting a PR of .77.

My question is where do I input this result? Is this referring to the Nozzle inches per hour under advanced settings?

If so, my current settings are set for 1.5 nozzle inches per hour for all my problematic zones with this spray head, which would be double the PR calculation.


I think that is where our issue is!

The Hunter specs already give you your inches per hour (Precip In/h), so you just need to plug that number into the zone(s). In this case, you could find an average here somewhere around 1.85" as a starting point.

If you really want to fine tune your system, I recommend doing a catch cup test to find out exactly how efficient your sprinkler system really is.