Flex Daily not running when I think it should

I have flex daily set up for my lawn zone. Lawn is busy dying. I look at the app and the moisture is at 5% look at the advanced settings for the zone and it is at allowed depletion of 50% so what is going on, do I completely not understand how this is supposed to work? I can us quick runs to ‘fix’ it temporarily but the schedule just gets pushed out.

@chufi so the 50% Allowed Depletion is displayed in the moisture screen in a somewhat misleading way. One of my zones is currently at 6% - that means it is really at 56% (56% - 50% = 6%). In the graph below note that the red line at the bottom denotes the 50% depletion level. But in the table - see second screen shot - it displays as 6%. 50% in the table displays as 0%.

If your lawn is too dry then consider modifying one of the advanced settings to either increase the water applied or increase the frequency.

Ok I think I have it, so the moisture balance is normalized for the allowed depletion if I change from 50% AD to 25% allowed depletion my moisture balance would double.

I had been playing around with change some other settings to increase frequency and nothing seemed to work, I realized that the while some bits of the UI update after saving a change, the estimated watering graph does not without a full page reload. Sigh. But at least I can now experiment more!

Yes, that’s right. But it would decrease the frequency because there would be more moisture to evaporate before it would water again.

If you want to increase the frequency - water every 2 days instead of every 3 days - I have played with changing the root depth. That has the same effect as increasing the AD.