Flex daily in Santiago chile

Hi. I live in Santiago chile. Does anybody have a preset for adjusting the flex daily schedule?

@Felipevera What do you mean by a preset?


@Felipevera There is no preset involved since every landscape and irrigation setup is unique.

The values you program in your controller ie: foliage type, irrigation method, soil, sun/shade, slope and so on will determine how your system will respond.

One could have all of the same values programmed in and live 30 miles apart while seeing 2 different outcomes of the controller.

In the advanced menu, you will see some calculated presets based on what you programmed in. This is only a guideline and should be observed as to the desired outcome on your property.

The calculations are very close on the majority of installations since Rachio has so many intelligent engineers and staff that are capable of making all of this happen.

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