Flex Daily and offline expectations?

Does Flex Daily have any differences for running things when there is a network outage?

It’s often said the controller will run the schedules it knew about for a period of time. This is easy if you have a “run ever other day for 15 mins per zone” kind of schedule. In a crazy probably never going to happen kind of world, if the network went offline today and was offline for a month would the controller run all instances seen here for August? Obviously it wouldn’t be able to adjust for weather/soil conditions other than my local rain sensor stopping it. Late August and September currently have nothing scheduled so I assume at that point if :zombie: :woman_zombie: took over and the network still wasn’t back it would stop operating.

Thanks for any clarification.

Hey @scorp508! We offer information about how a Flex Daily schedule will continue to operate when your controller falls offline through our Support Article here.

Allow me to expand on this a bit!

If your network were to go down today, your controller would continue to run based on the current schedule seen in your app calendar. At this point, your controller has downloaded the last known 2 weeks worth of forecast data including ET and precipitation, and intelligently scheduled around this. You are correct in that obviously, it wouldn’t be able to adjust to changes in this forecast since going offline.

In the event that your controller fails to reconnect for longer than 2 weeks, it will default back to a Rachio configured schedule (the interval of which is based on last known 14 days of ET) along with watering every 3rd day for the 3rd week. This cycle would continue until the controller comes back Online and reconfigures with the most recent forecast data.

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Thanks, Mitchell.

The 1st (days 1-14) and 3rd part (days 29+) of this are understandable but the 2nd part (days 15-28) I’m a bit unclear on.

What is a “Rachio configured schedule” for the 2nd part? Is it another way of saying it’ll still attempt to create a flex daily schedule for the next 14 days based on the information it had when going offline as well as the watering it did for the first two weeks?

Pretty much! Essentially the “Rachio configured schedule” is a 21-day interval schedule based on Flex Daily. Your Rachio will continue to execute with last known weather data (downloaded for 2 weeks in the future) and once it has remained offline long enough for this data to expire, it will switch to this “base” interval schedule utilizing the last known ET data.