Flex daily allowed depletion not working

Flex daily doesn’t appear to respecting the allowed depletion set for the zones, 50%. I can see that there is a possibility of a little rain in the next few days but nothing that should warrant a skip when the depletion is already way below the set threshold. Also, is there a way to set the threshold for rain like there is a threshold for temp and wand. Thx

@Mmrogge Looking at one of the zones (Right Side Front) looks like flex daily is tracking as expected.

What concerns do you have with how it is deciding to water?


Thx for the reply. Just want a through understanding of how its making decisions. I can see that soil was depleted below the 50% threshold on 2/4. Why wasn’t it scheduled then?

@mmrogge - are you mixing up the Current Moisture Balance in inches of 0.46 and thinking that is the allowed depletion percentage? The percentage in parenthesis to the right of that (84%) is the percentage of the reservoir of allowed depletion - so not the allowed depletion. See the 5% on 02/09 or the 6% on 02/16 - the allowed depletion should be reached on the next day and Rachio will water (unless it rains).