Flex and IFTTT

I had a flex schedule start this morning and I had an IFT TT trigger to notify me via android notification but never ran. Are flex schedules compatible with IFT TT?

They should be, will setup a test.


thanks @franz

Nice catch, defect, fixed, will be released with next cloud promotion.


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That’s what power users are here for :grinning:

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Sorry to say you only fixed half the problem. Now starting works right w IFTTT but not stopped…

I am looking for this recipe in IFTTT and I can not find it. Could you give me the reference?
Thank you!

Yes still looks broken on stopped :frowning: Will figure out why.

Think I figured it out, was your flex schedule > 1 hour duration?

It was 89 min

Ok, next deployment should fix the issue. We were incorrectly only looking 1 hour back when the schedules were completed.

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Working now. Thank you!