Fixed Schedules should be truly Fixed and respected by other schedule types

When I set up a Fixed schedule along side some “Flex” Schedules, the Fixed Schedules should take top priority in the smart scheduling and not be allowed to be moved/bumped by any flex schedules.

Perhaps this is a bug?

Here is my experience (Rachio 3):

I created my fixed schedules for my sprayers, as they are the most regulated part of my sprinkler system. I had them scheduled exactly the way I wanted them (Fridays only, allowed running from Midnight - 5:00 AM / 7:30 PM - Midnight), figuring the scheduler would work around them.

Then I started creating the “Daily Flex” schedules for my other zones (drip lines/bubblers), as they aren’t has heavily regulated as my sprayers, and I can run them any day as long as it isn’t during the heat of the day (10:00 AM-7:30 PM). I’d set all of them up and come back to the calendar to find that my “Fixed” Schedules had been moved around in favor of my non-fixed schedules, putting them out of compliance with my city ordinances.

The hacky solution required two parts. First, I split the sprayer zone runs in half (half of my sprayers in the morning, half in the evening) and second, I had to set the Flex schedules to not water on Thursday, Friday, OR Saturday. This succeeded in keeping my Fixed schedules where they needed to be.