Fixed schedule didn't run when controller offline

I have just setup a new Gen 3 controller with two fixed schedules. The first schedule ran last night starting at 1:00 AM. The last event shown on the history was to start a zone run at 1:50 that did not complete (nor did the schedule). There was a second schedule supposed to start (on another zone) at 4:00 AM and it didn’t start or end. Today I looked at the app and saw that the controller was offline. I don’t know when it went offline. I went through the troubleshooting steps and reconnected. At that point it told me that the first schedule had actually completed while offline. This was also indicated in the watering total time for the affected zone. However, the second schedule, which appeared to never start, had no such notice. In other words, there is no evidence that the second schedule ran while (presumably) in offline mode. Aren’t fixed schedules supposed to run even if the controller is offline? Shouldn’t that be found in the history and zone watering accumulation time totals?

They are and yes the history should have rolled up. These type of issues are very difficult to identify and track down. I’ll have the team do a quick test on this tomorrow.