Fixed Days Duration Change Bug?

I have a landscaping area that I set to fixed days, three times a day, 3 minutes in the morning, 4 minutes at noon and 3 minutes in the evening.

I have not looked at it for a couple months, but just did – All duration times were changed to 1 minute, not by me.

Also, the times were shown as 1 minute on the Android app, but 2 minutes through the web interface. So some inconsistency.

Just wondering if I have found a bug, and if this is already known, sorry. When I first set these up in spring, I checked them constantly.

I do have smart cycle and weather intelligence on, in case those are what have affected the duration number.

Hey @Corto-
This is probably due to Seasonal Shift, which is a feature within Weather Intelligence!
Seasonal Shift uses historical weather data to adjust your watering times according to your “typical” local weather each month. Here is a help article that explains it in more detail: If you want to turn this feature off, just go to your schedule, then into Weather Intelligence, and you will see Seasonal Shift right there on the top. Let me know if that helps!
McKynzee :rachio:

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