First watering impressions

Hello! Just thought I’d post a couple of observations about my first couple of watering attempts with Iro this week. I stuck with the defaults for the most part during setup, except for zone square footage and watering start times:

  • I noticed a fair amount of runoff for my front yard. What would be the best way to tune this? Decrease time? Change slope? Soil?

  • For my back yard, the ground was still sopping wet (squishy when walked across) about six hours after watering had ended. Is this to be expected, or should I adjust?

  • We had a good amount of rain (and hail) last night, but today’s scheduled watering still ran (until I manually stopped it). It looks like the weather station that is supposedly closeby didn’t record any rain, so I turned off the “personal weather stations” setting. The station it is now using is even further away, but hopefully will be more accurate… In any case, I was a little sad that it didn’t automatically adjust itself.

A couple of general questions as well:

  • Most of my zones have significant overlapping areas in the lawn. How should I account for this in the settings?

  • If I change zone settings, will the watering times/smart cycle adjust accordingly? Or do they have to be recreated?




Thanks for reaching out to us. We appreciate your purchasing an Iro!

Would you be willing to email us at That way I can review your account and provide some insight. I can also address your general questions if that is alright with you.

Thanks again,

With fixed schedules they have to be recreated. With flex schedules coming soon, the new derived run times will be automatically applied. can help you dial-in your settings to make sure you are taking full advantage of cycle/soak, etc.

Will do! Thanks Kevin.