First Rachio to be installed in Las Vegas NV at a commercial complex with SNWA rebate

This is awesome, thanks for sharing! Love me some good Iro in the wild shots.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


So you replaced an MC-30 Plus with 2 Iro’s? Is it all one water source? If so how did you choose to divide the zones between the two Iros?

Great pics. Thanks

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@SuperSmith, curious to know how you plan on scheduling the two controllers? What type of commercial complex if you don’t mind me asking?

Best, Emil

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Just updating this post on behalf of @SuperSmith (replied via email with the following):

Commercial office building with drip irrigation only. I could run 3 to 4 zones at the same time if the controller had that capability. I have one commercial property that has 64 zones and I have to run 7 at a time just so I can get everything water in the same day during my restricted water times. I would like to run 3-4 zones at a time.

The Iro is capable of running 2 valves at a time; however if your system has a master valve, it should be considered one of the two valves.

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