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I am trying to setup a flexible daily schedule for my lawn. After setting up the new schedule it says my water needs 4 hours of watering. With all the recent rain, the ground is wet and I want to fill the moisture level. On my iOS app, I cannot get to the moisture level to fill this. I have run the app about 10 times and only once the ability to fill the zone came up. On the web app, if click zone, and then attempt to click the edit zone header which is what you are supposed to be able to do, the area to fill the zone does not open up as the instructions and video says it should. I have tried this in both Safari and Firefox. Is this a bug?

On the WEB app, click on the zone, then click on the “moisture levels” button, then click on the “adjust” button. This is how you fill a zone on the WEB app. Sorry, I use Android, so can’t help you with the iOS app.

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Do you see these buttons on the web? Also, Chrome seems to generally be safer for web use.

@bigbiggreendog, are you still having trouble with this? Sounds like you might be clicking on the wrong area in the webapp – please see 0:18 in the video at the bottom of this support article.


I have the same issue. Although, mine is on a Samsung tablet Android V4.4.2. It works fine on my Surface.

thank you… got it.

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My tablet still does not have an adjust (fill/empty) button. My Surface does.

Hey @Sprinklerman-

Is this an owned or shared device?


This is a known defect on our mobile app, you cannot empty or fill moisture graphs on shared devices. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, our development team is aware! For now, my best recommendation is to use the web app for this.