Figuring precipitation rate

So, I’m back with more questions regarding the creation of a custom nozzle in terms of the precip rate. I am attempting to setup a new nozzle to get accurate info for my backyard zones. I performed a catch can audit of my zones but now I have no idea what to do with the data, to make matters a bit more complicated the 2 zones in my backyard have heavy overlap. All of my data from the catch can’s are in mL then converted to cubic inches, but since the app wants straight up inches/hr I am having a hard time with this. I’m sure it’s something simple but I can’t get it right

Could I send someone my data, or have someone just walk me through and help me understand how to figure it all out since I still have my two front yard zones to do, although these should be easier since they don’t overlap at all.


This is the best tool I have found for calculating zone efficiency (distribution uniformity) and nozzle in/hr.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback. All you do is put in how long test ran for, catch cup size, and individual catch cup results and it will do the rest.


This website works great and is exactly what I have been looking for! Thanks. Just a thought but perhaps you guys could build this type of math the site is using into the app, or at the very least have a link in the app where you create a new nozzle that way people have an easy access to figure this stuff out.

Now how do I take into account the zone overlap? Example Zone 1 has a rate of .47 and Zone 2 also has a rate of .47. But since my zone 1 covers pretty much all of zone 2 (bad design I’m sure but I didn’t install it) my true rate is probably higher in zone 2.

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Agreed, on the road map.

I’m not a irrigation expert by any means :wink: At this point without changing your system I think just putting catch cups in those areas, reporting the data to the tool, and setting the efficiency (distribution uniformity) might be the best you can do. Would love to hear other ideas.


So, can you give me a low level “what will happen” when I change my Efficiency down to like 22%, this is per the audit web page. (I’m not completely positive it will be this exact number but most likely very close, still have a bit of measuring to do)?

That seems really low. The average is 60%-80%.

In our equation to determine zone durations the efficiency offsets the nozzle in/hr.

The lower the efficiency, the longer the zone will be watered to fill to its field capacity (irrigation amount).


I agree it seems very low, in addition to that the web site is also claiming I have a precip rate of only .47 in/hr, this too seems low. But I don’t see how I could screw up placing a bunch of buckets in my lawn and then reading what each bucket held

@cbetguy1 I might leave our default efficiency and see what run time is generated.

Flex schedules do allow you to modify the watering time (water drop on each zone) by -50% <-> +50% if you feel the generated run time is too high or low with your custom nozzle.

Or, choosing one of our standard nozzle types is an option.

Hope this helps