Feedback for Australian use

Hi All,

After completing a new house build, I am looking at landscaping and subsequently irrigation and various smart wifi controllers. Yes, there are plenty of market alternatives. :confused:

I am located in Brisbane, Australia and would to know the following:

Feedback from any Australian users?

  • do you have sufficient PWS or WU coverage?
  • any issues / experience with support being overseas?
  • general gotchas experienced that a US customer wouldn’t experience?

General product queries:
Can you utilise a number of PWS or WU stations - or is the product limited to just 1?
e.g. what if I have a number of stations around me, can I utilise all their info?

Is a hardware upgrade required (from todays hw spec) to operate many Iro’s in a mesh network? or simply software upgrade?
i.e. I can see and manage all units across a single watering schedule
(I know this has been discussed at length, timeframe for feature release?) 2015 / 2016 or 2017, never?

I have many other questions, but will trawl through the board before asking.

These are my top queries, before purchasing a number of units.

@sfergo, good afternoon from Denver! Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, we do. PWS stations have higher density (and therefore options) in higher populated areas. I’d recommend checking out this post for more information. Let us know if you need help finding stations in your area.

None that we know of, but will defer to local users to answer this better for you.

Since we don’t sell in AUS direct at this time, you’ll need to source an AUS power adaptor to power your Iro. Here’s some options other users have recommended.

Only one station can be selected to pull weather data from.

No updates on this. If you have more than 16 zones, you’ll have to run the schedules independently of one another. We recommend splitting them by area of the lawn, type of vegetation, etc.

Hope this helps!

Best, Emil