I am considering the rachio for my new house. I wanted to know if there was support for master valve control. I have had the unfortunate experience of having my irrigation kept on when I am away on vacation and now want to plan for a master valve.

Second, the land I am on has a grade or incline in several areas. Another controller I was using allowed input of one of grade in that zone. Then if it ran for say 10 minutes, it would turn on for 2, run in another area then keep coming back to it until it completed watering. That way there was less run off which is a great idea.

Yes it has support for a master valve. Also you can choose slope for a zone although I’m not sure what it changes in they area. Maybe I’ll try it later.

@bigbiggreendog‌ We allow you to enter slope information, and our Smart Cycle feature takes that into account when breaking up your watering times as your other controller did.