Feature Requests Zone Labeling and Run Now

  1. Allow Zone Labeling. aka. Zone 1 = Front Left Lawn
  2. Allow “Run Now” on schedule. So besides creating a schedule. there should be a way to “Run Now” The schedule. In case you want to by pass the schedule and you don’t want to go Zone by Zone, manually.


@Amir Thanks for the feedback!

  1. We do currently allow you to name a zone. Just go into zone details and you can give a zone any name you want.
  2. By pressing the ‘Play’ button on the main dashboard (in the Iro), you can start individual zones manually, OR you can tap ‘Schedule’ and run any schedule NOW.

So, I think we already have those features :smiley:

I like those kind of requests!

Take care and have a great day.

Hi Franz

I agree that you can run it that way, but needs additional clicks :smile: However when configuring the zones it would be helpful to have the run now option as well there.

What I would like to see is the possibility to add a photo to each zone. This helps better to identify the zones.



@rwabel Agreed, version 2.0 of our software coming at the end of March will have much easier zone control. We are also planning on allowing to allow you to take photos of individual zones.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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