Feature Request: Winterize

Here is something that would be useful once a year. Allow us to manually run all zones for X minutes each with Y minutes between each zone ending and the next starting. You could also add a feature to repeat each zone Z times.

Here would be my usecase. I setup an air compressor to my system and want to blow it out. My compressor has limited capacity so I cannot just run all zones consecutively. Currently I need to manually start a zone for 3 minutes. Then wait 5 minutes. then do the next. This could all be automated by the rachio in a fairly easy manner.


@luitjens - Are there any unused zones on your Rachio? If so, a schedule could be created with an unused zone between two active zones to provide the 5 minute recharge period. I was trying to think if a manual cycle and soak configuration would work also - how many zones are actually in use and do you have an 8 or 16 zone model?

interesting idea. I do have unused zones and and a 16 zone.

how do I create a manual schedule?

Hello, I am also very interested on this feature as it would make winterization a breeze. I do have some un-used stations but not nearly enough to place in between the other stations since manual scheduling only seems to allow a station to be added once. Am I missing something with regards to manual scheduling? Thank you