Feature request: Water a bit less/Water a bit more

Hey Rachio Team,

There’s so many options for the watering tuning. I set them as best I could (i don’t have advanced soil tools) but I still find some zones that have potted plants are a bit too wet.

Is there a way to just say I want you to water at 80% or 60% or 130% of the current settings? I don’t mind if you go and adjust all my soil settings.

I’m just finding it hard not to drown my potted plants.


You could try adjusting the crop coefficients down a bit (assuming you’re using smart flex). The lower the crop coefficient the “more efficient” the plant is. For example, my stone fruits don’t evapotranspire much early spring so I set the crop coefficient to 50% to reduce watering. When they have more leaves, I up it (e.g., 80%). Someone please correct me if I’m wrong on my understanding of this.