Feature Request: Lawn mowing schedule

I have the Rachio 3 and use your Flex Daily schedule with all intelligence features and have it scheduled to end by sunrise. I would like to see a feature to accommodate for lawn mowing schedule (nobody likes to mow a wet lawn). For example, I hire a lawn mowing service that comes every Wednesday morning, so I would like to delay the start time on Wednesdays to begin at 9:00 am after they are finished. Each year the lawn mowing service revises their schedule and next year my lawn might be mowed on Friday late morning, so I would need to update the schedule to delay start on Fridays at 11:00 am.
I called into your support and they suggested I delete my old schedule and create a new one but leave out Wednesdays. Then create a second schedule for just Wednesdays. This will be a pain to edit if/when my lawn mowing day/time changes.

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Can you create a flex daily schedule, choose available watering days of Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri?


Yes, that is what your support team had me do. Then they had me create a second schedule for just Wednesdays that had a later start time. My feature request was to make this an easier process to adjust for lawn mowing. Ideally, I would click on “Calendar” tab in the app and then click on “W” for Wednesdays at the top of the calendar and edit the start time for that day of the week; or have a lawn mowing schedule component that can be adjusted within my existing schedule.

Ok thanks for the feedback, I don’t think you need an additional schedule on Wednesday, it might actually conflict with the other flex daily schedule.