Feature request (Back off a bit)


So far, I am extremely pleased with my Rachio. And my lawn looks great and I’m quite a bit down on water consumption compared to last year. BUT… not having soil moisture sensors, much of the watering (I use Flex Daily) is still obviously guesswork based on conditions. And while I think it’s doing great, I’m also seeing mushrooms in 2 zones. So, my thought was, if you simply added a “Hey, back off a bit on zone X” button, that would allow us to still use the Flex Daily for max water savings, but also slowly train the system a bit. Or, getting more complex, but still probably easy to build in, the ability to add conditions, like:
Zone X looks great but I’m getting (weeds, bare spots, mushrooms, etc)
So the system could make mild adjustments. Maybe if it were going to water that zone for 13 minutes and I said it’s got mushrooms, maybe for the next 2 weeks, it changes ‘13’ to ‘11’ - but leaves everything else alone?


I like your train of thought. My wish would be able to install two Toro Precision Soil Sensors. One would be in my front lawn which is bermudagrass. The other would be in my backyard on fescue. But I would like to have Rachio control all the other zones. Assign two zones to the sensors. There have been three solid studies with soil sensors: University of Florida, University of Arkansas and New Mexico State University. They compared soil sensors against dumb controllers with and without rain sensors. Studies were conducted on turf plots and residential sites. Savings exceeded 50 percent in all studies. I want to know if I can install a Toro Precision soil sensor with Rachio. It basically acts like a Rain sensor but instead in the soil. Rachio would you please respond?


Flex daily does allow you to adjust the watering duration for each zone. Look for the duration adjustments under ‘How Much To Water’ in the schedule setup.


I love this idea! An easy way to dial flex in would be an awesome way to make flex work for more people. I will get this to the team :slight_smile:

In the meantime, my best recommendation on how to do this would be to lower your crop coefficient on your zone. This should stretch your frequency out a bit!