Failed to synchronize properly

You have a problem with synchronization between you web app and your android app.

I have entered edits to my schedules on your web app and later used my android app to examine them and find that the latest changes to zone durations were not synced properly. After making updates using your web app, the use of my Android tables reverted to older data – the settings prior to the changes I made using the web app. It appeared as though the data was not time stamped for the purpose of synchronization in order to retain the most recent copy of data.

I we t back and forth testing this and found the same result consistently.

Further to this note, I observe that when I make changes using your web interface, the changes to a schedule can be lost.

If I refresh my browser window, then I seem to have the updates applied to schedules. This needs to be fixed.

The web app needs to be reliable.

@IanC Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make sure our development team is aware of this.

If you are ever uncertain about the synchronization or concerned, you can always pull to refresh on the iOS or Android mobile clients to guarantee the latest state of the controller.

Thanks again for the feedback.