Excessive Bermuda Growth

My bermuda is growing pretty well. Unfortuantely, it’s not staying fully contained within the borders. What is the best way to eradicate bermuda that is growing outside of it’s defined area? If I use something like roundup, will that go thru the grass into the ground and kill the bermuda within the borders?

I definitely wouldn’t use roundup. And I don’t know if there really is anything that could prevent something like that other than a physical barrier or frequent edging.

I don’t know of any chemical options other than Roundup.
Your options are edging, digging it out, shading and killing it with black plastic. Shade is Bermuda’s biggest enemy. Steel edging and concrete edging works for me.

I wish I had that problem. My front lawn has been giving me fits this season. It seems that I have more weeds than growing Bermuda. I hadn’t de-thatched in a long time so I did it last night. Hopefully that does the trick. I agree with @JPedrego on the RoundUp. It will get into the root system and kill more than what’s contacted. I haven’t heard any solution other than a good physical barrier either.

Trinexapacethyl is good to slow it, I personally have shovel edged all my turf so that I can take a string trimmer around it pretty quick.

I had steel edging put pulled it out. It shifted a lot after 6 years and just didn’t look as good, but it was awesome for 4 years though.

Round up is designed to be a foliar compound so if you get it on the Bermuda leaves it’s fairly safe. The problem is if it gets into the soil, it will go systemic as round up takes ~week to break down and the rate that Bermuda transpires water, it will take enough to kill or trigger dormancy through a good portion of the stolen.

This gives you an idea of what I’m dealing with. I have the concrete border, but obviously the Bermuda got under it. I’ve made the mistake previous years of just spraying it with a weed killer and that just created a bunch of dead matter but didn’t fix the problem. I’m guessing I’ll just get down and dirty some day and dig it out.

I would spray it, with a stream, you should be fine. You are going to have the dead matter, but if you can kill it back, you’ll be golden for,the season.

Could these be coming up from seed or are the solens diving under?

Underneath because I’ve never seeded Bermuda since laying the sod 6 years ago. Only seeds that get laid down is overseeding rye

I just asked because common Bermuda seeds itself like a maniac. If it’s 6 years old then it is probably a sterile hybrid.

I believe mine is Tifway, which I just looked up and it says it’s sterile.

Yea,that is 419, I have the same

Bermuda stolons can also be spread by mowing and weed eaters. Looking at your picture, if I had this problem I would either dig out the grass or use Roundup and point the spray nozzle at ground level or use a shield.

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