Everydrop Water Meter Seems Inaccurate

Got a new Everydrop meter. It’s hooked to a Gen2 red to S2 and Black to SC.

The usage seems way over stated for my zones. It also magically says I used over 12 thousand gallons of water, even though I just hooked up the meter.

Any Ideas?

About 2 weeks ago it was discovered that the Rachio K factors for wired meters were off. They were corrected about 10 days ago. I am not sure about totals, but to verify you are seeing the correct K factors, I would simply look at the display on the meter and verify by running a calibration that the app comes up with basically the same value. I ran tests on all wired meters and posted them here last week:

Can the Rainbird 1" flow meter be installed on the app to be tested or add custom setting so “Pro” installers can set their own pipe size, K factor and offsets?
Rainbird 1" flow meter has a k of 6.003 and 0.0 offset.