Everydrop 1004 Ex install

I’m looking at incorporating the wired Everydrop flow meter into a Rachio3 system. The flowmeter would be installed in-ground close to my valves. My issue is I had not planned on installing a flow-meter when the valves etc went in so dedicated wires don’t exist but …

I do have a spare wire at my valves (6-core flex for a 4 valve box) which could connect to S1 on the Rachio and the appopriate side on the flow meter. My question is, is the 24- which present at the valves common with the 24- I need to connect the other side of the flow meter to? If it is then I believe there is the potential for me to connect the other side of the flow meter to the 24- at the valves.

Any advice appreciated.

Alas, the common wire is actually interconnected with 24+ voltage, your controller “grounds” the zone output to 24- voltage when it should be active.
One option to consider is to drive two of the zones with a wire splitter. These work by encoding information on which output should be active and allowing two zones to share a single wire (thereby freeing one extra wire). Flow meter will not work on these, but moving your zones to it and hooking up the water meter to the two free wires should work.

More on these splitters here:

Thanks Gene
I figured it wouldn’t be that easy. I’ll take a look at the link you sent as running a new wire really isn’t possible due to needing to get it under concrete etc…

Thanks again

There may be a way, if you have 2 spare sprinkler wires in the incoming wire bundles that both run NEAR the flow meter (ie: only dirt separates the underground wire bundle(s) and the meter). You then only need to get a short section of flowmeter wire to run from the meter to the hole you’re going to dig to find the sprinkler wire bundle(s). Buy yourself a small valve box for the hole. Identify the two unused wires you need (we used a wire tracer buzzing from the Rachio end of the selected unused wires), cut them and splice your meter’s common (usually black or white) to one wire and signal (usually red) to the other. Use gel-caps or waterproof connections. Wire the common at Rachio to the -24V tap, and the signal to S1 or S2. The Everydrop will tell you when your connection is OK, it lights up the display.