Events should be timestamped according to when they occurred, not when they were reported to the cloud

If events occur while the controller is unable to communicate with the Internet, the events are saved and are reported later, when Internet connectivity is restored. In this situation, it appears that the events are timestamped according to when they were reported, rather than when they actually occurred. This can be very confusing when attempting to monitor or troubleshoot controller behavior.

See this topic for background: Started watering spontaneously after power outage

Since the controller has an autonomous clock, which operates even when there is no Internet connection, I suggest that events should be timestamped according to the controller’s clock, rather than according to when they were reported to the Rachio cloud.

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And as a result, ‘Watering History’ line items are always presented in a non-sequential order. Something that could be done better.

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@a0128958 @eataft I can definitely understand that it’s confusing when an event is timestamped incorrectly. I also know what you are referring to with the sequential order issue Bill, that can drive me a little bonkers when things report in incorrect order :confounded:

Thank you for the feedback on this! I will make sure to get it logged and in front of the team.

McKynzee :rachio: